John Anthony

Actor. Filmmaker. Alien

Wade Wofford, Director, Writer and Producer of the upcoming feature “The Answer”

“Much like the adage that "you make a film three times: writing the script, shooting it, and editing," I find that working with actors is very similar; you work with them in a very different way in all three parts of the filmmaking process.  Most actors, in my experience, do not shine across all three...  John Anthony, on the other hand, proves a pleasure through each stage of the process. His intentness on understanding relationships and willingness to build character history enriches beyond the script in preproduction. During production, his sense of humor, willingness to work his ass off, and "turn it on" on demand were assets to shooting swiftly and efficiently. And during post, his consistency and strong choices shine through; movements made on specific lines from wide to close make the editor's task able to focus on quality rather than tedious technicalities. A true pro, and craftsman at his art.”



Relapsed, ungrasped and so sure.

All memories are bittersweet. 

Homeward all sailed off souls walk.  Angels bound by lockets and initials carved in oak.  Spouses left in heat after flames subside and Eden is overtaken by weeds and tractors.  

I felt her humming in my air.  Ears only heard the sun pouring into the bedroom.  Fumes of conversations fueling up the temperance.  Left her wanting a sign of relieve.  Silence is comprehensible.  

We are all walking altars.  Written, never to be written over.  Grave consonants and scratchy vowels.  

We remember only to forget.  

We forget only to remember.

Smile Harder.