John Anthony

Actor. Filmmaker. Alien

Wade Wofford, Director, Writer and Producer of the upcoming feature “The Answer”

“Much like the adage that "you make a film three times: writing the script, shooting it, and editing," I find that working with actors is very similar; you work with them in a very different way in all three parts of the filmmaking process.  Most actors, in my experience, do not shine across all three...  John Anthony, on the other hand, proves a pleasure through each stage of the process. His intentness on understanding relationships and willingness to build character history enriches beyond the script in preproduction. During production, his sense of humor, willingness to work his ass off, and "turn it on" on demand were assets to shooting swiftly and efficiently. And during post, his consistency and strong choices shine through; movements made on specific lines from wide to close make the editor's task able to focus on quality rather than tedious technicalities. A true pro, and craftsman at his art.”



At the risk of rejection...or maybe not.

How on earth is it a rarity that we can be in such proximity to one another everyday and not even share a word?

Yes, while a head nod constitutes some level of acknowledgement and sometimes that's all that's needed or even wanted,  I can't help but see the missing.  I mean, I'm in Whole Foods pretty much eating elbow to elbow with a perfect stranger,  elbows even touching at times and not even a hello.   

And this shit is the sad norm.  Then it's a mad dash the minute the last bite of food is in the gullet to get back to what?  If your lucky something you love, but for most it's something you are constantly working to forget.   

Now I know this sort of behavior has many variants, whether it be culture, place, nuture, hell..the time of day, etc...but that isn't in our nature.  We are tribal.  "Una Familia"

That person you are sitting next to, or staring at over your cup of coffee across the cafe may be that singular degree the universe is pushing you towards.  Connecting you to your goals, your dreams, or the mate to your soul...if you believe in such a thing.  Even better, you may be that degree for them.  

Take in, give back, and be surprised.    

 Smile Harder.